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Cheryl Conway


Hair Free Forever is permanent hair removal with Thermolysis. The procedure is 100% effective for all hair types and colors, and completely safe for any skin type and color. Recommended by Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, and Cosmetic Surgeons worldwide, Thermolysis is clinically proven to be the only method of hair removal approved by the FDA for permanency, to ensure healthy, hair free skin that lasts a lifetime.

Cheryl Conway has been using the Thermolysis procedure for permanent hair removal for 20 years. She studied and practiced in Philadelphia, working with The University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital. After relocating to Beverly Hills in 1997, she specialized in Eyebrow Design. With this expertise she will analyze and execute proper corrections to achieve the perfect shape for each individual patient.

Cheryl is also an Expert Consultant for the California State Board of Cosmetology and has her Teaching Credential in Vocational Education, Designated Subjects. She pioneered the creation of California’s first apprenticeship program for Permanent Hair Removal. She established the program with the help of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Department of Education to teach students the highly specialized procedure of Thermolysis for permanent hair removal.

Thermolysis offers patients an FDA approved medically proven, safe and effective procedure for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. “While some patients seek our services for purely cosmetic reasons, we receive many referrals from Dermatologists to treat cases of folliculitis, Endocrinologists for conditions that cause symptoms of hirsutism, and Cosmetic Surgeons for reconstructive surgery cases.”

As a member of the American Electrology Association and the Electrologist Association of California she finds continuing education an essential part of practicing Permanent Hair Removal as an Allied Health Field.

Vanessa Coronado

Vanessa was born and lives locally in Oxnard CA, graduated from Channel Islands High School, attended Oxnard College, and the University of California at Berkeley. During her time in school she had the opportunity to study abroad and has traveled extensively to Asia, Europe and South America.

Vanessa first came to Hair Free Forever seeking treatment for her own hair problem then found out about the Apprenticeship program;

“I was always interested in learning how the procedure worked because the treatments I received really changed my life.”

She was accepted as an apprentice and completed extensive training under the direct supervision of accredited master educator and pioneer of the California Apprenticeship for Thermolysis; Cheryl Conway, owner of Hair Free Forever, who comments;

“Vanessa is a pleasure to work with, a diligent student and is highly qualified as a licensed technician.”

Vanessa’s warm personality and technical acumen speak for themselves, but she also infuses her work with something extra we have grown to appreciate so much; inspired by her love of travel, continued desire for information, and compassionate efforts to help others, Vanessa continues to extend her knowledge and expertise to educate people about the benefits of Thermolysis.

Vanessa is truly an exceptional member of our team!

Veronica Morsella

HairFreeForever_PhotoDianaMrazikova047-webVeronica was born and raised in Oxnard, CA attending Oxnard high school and Ventura College before studying cosmetology at Simi Valley Adult School &Career Institute. She worked in the make-up and cosmetics department for big-name beauty brands including Clinique, Channel, Lancôme and Mac. Progressing from cosmetics to esthetics, she was able to combine her talents working in local salons and spas in Camarillo and Santa Barbara before opening her own business in 2005. As a skin care specialist with advanced training, Veronica also became a Medical Esthetician at the office of Dr. Martha Gonzales in Ventura.
Veronica is currently enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program for Electrology directed by Cheryl Conway and practicing skin care and cosmetics at her establishment, Hair Free Forever. “I have known Cheryl as a friend and colleague for 10 years and was honored when she accepted me to train with her as an apprentice.”

After owning and operating a successful Aesthetics & Cosmetics business, she decided to collaborate with Cheryl at Hair Free Forever. Together, they have created a partnership providing permanent hair removal and skin care services, along with make-up application and luxury cosmetic products.

Cheryl developed the training protocol for the Permanent Hair Removal system used at HFF and says “Veronica is a Master Esthetician, so the kind and considerate way she treats her patients is due to the solid dedication and professional experience she has acquired over the years.” Cheryl continues, “Her vitality and passion is established in her work standards, along with the way she communicates with her clients and associates.”
Veronica’s beautiful energy and professionalism are some of the qualities that make her such a delight. In addition to her career, Veronica loves spending time with her family and 3 year old son Brando… what a cutie!
Veronica is a much appreciated and respected member of our team.

Nathalie Collins

Best-HairFreeForever_PhotoDianaMrazikova033-webNathalie Bailey was born in Phoenix Arizona and shortly after, her family relocated to California. She was raised in Ventura and started taking classes at Ventura College while still in High School. After graduating with her degree in Liberal Arts, she then attended the Ojai School of Massage.
Nathalie moved to Portland Oregon in 2008 and lived there for 5 years. “Moving to Oregon allowed me to live a totally different lifestyle. I developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors, hiking among the beautiful trees and ever changing weather in the Northern part of our country.”
Upon returning to Ventura, Nathalie was able to spend more time with her younger sisters who are very active in ballet and basketball. She loves going to their games and performances for support and encouragement.
Nathalie, too, was a client turned professional, so the caring and compassionate way she treats her patients is a direct result of her own experience. Once accepted as an apprentice in the training program developed by Cheryl Conway, owner of Hair Free Forever, she excelled quickly. “Her energy and enthusiasm is demonstrated in her work ethic and in the way she relates with colleagues and patients alike.”
Nathalie’s spirited personality and attention to detail instills an added quality we all truly appreciate and enjoy. In addition to Thermolysis, she also loves Zumba, singing, and her two cats, Mikey & Millie.
Nathalie has become a valuable addition to our team!

Cindy Deckrow

HairFreeForever_PhotoDianaMrazikova045-webCindy Deckrow is the Office Manager at Hair Free Forever (HFF). She has been with HFF for three years and can be found at the front desk, ready to lavish her clients with exceptional customer service.
Cindy has been married to her husband Kevin for 30 years and is the mother of 4 wonderful boys. She has lived in Ventura County for over 45 years.
While raising her children, Cindy spent much of her time volunteering for her church, PTA and the community. She also enjoys spending time watching Pepperdine Baseball as a devoted fan and she gets the greatest joy baking and cooking for her family & friends.








Crystal Delatorre

HairFreeForever_PhotoDianaMrazikova010-web Crystal Delatorre is the Saturday receptionist at Hair Free forever and has been a part of the HFF family for 3 years. She works full time during the week and is also a student at CSUCI.
Crystal is 27 years “young” and has been a life-long resident of Ventura County. She currently lives with the love of her life, Cesar in Oxnard.
Besides work and school, Crystal enjoys spending time with her family for camping trips and BBQ’s. She gets so much joy being a part of her younger sibling’s lives, watching them grow up and appreciates having quiet time at home with Cesar to rejuvenate from her busy schedule.

Veronica Morsella


Veronica Morsella has 20 years of experience as a make-up artist, is a licensed aesthetician and the previous owner of Venus Aesthetics & Cosmetics. She specializes in customized make-up with professional application of Hair Free Forever’s own brand of mineral make-up. The benefits of mineral make-up are evident in the versatility and advantages of a pure and natural product.

HFF mineral make-up is perfect for all skin types and can actually heal, balance and protect your skin. It has an SPF 26 to shield skin from the signs of aging from a natural sun block to prevent the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. Mineral foundation is water resistant and has antioxidants that help protect against environmental pollutants from penetrating the skin as well as letting oxygen in, allowing your skin to breathe. It doesn’t contain oils that can clog pores, is free of dye and perfume that can cause allergies and has no talc or alcohol, (drying agents commonly found in other cosmetics) so your skin stays soft and hydrated.

Color pigments are refined and blended into a loose cosmetic powder that reflects light, minimizing flaws and enhancing your skins own natural beauty. A little goes a long way, yet you can layer color without a heavy “made up” look because it covers completely, yet looks barely there. Mineral make-up is sheer and potent; it truly is a gift from Mother Nature.

Veronica’s work is exemplary and complements ours. Embark on a process of delightful discovery as she assists you in enhancing your natural beauty with gentle products designed just for you!

Please call Veronica at (805) 797-0840 to learn more.

Vanessa Coronado

IMG_4738-w Vanessa Coronado has been with Hair Free Forever for more than eight years. She is the Senior Technician on staff and has also advanced to a teaching position, assisting with the Apprenticeship Program run by Cheryl Conway. “Vanessa is always available to help the students with questions and assignments, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and shares generously with everyone.”
Vanessa is continuing her own education in Nursing, as she feels it will compliment and further help with the level of care she provides to her Thermolysis patients. “We see so many different kinds of people in our practice. There is such a vast range of skin and medical conditions that many of our patients have, so a medical background is definitely an advantage when addressing patients concerns.”
Vanessa’s desire to carry on her schooling corresponds to her work at Hair Free Forever, to achieve healthy, hair-free skin for everyone.

Patrice Greenhouse

PGPatrice was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York!  Her roots are Russian Jewish and Sicilian Catholic.  After graduation from high school she went on to pursue a career in Dentistry as a RDA.  Realizing her passion for caring and giving, she progressed on to Cosmetology.  As the previous owner of three businesses in the beauty industry, she decided on Medical Aesthetics after learning from a French Dermatologist, Dr. Fam, who piqued her love for skin care and helping others.

As a licensed Medical Aesthetician and Cosmetologist for over 20 years, Patrice knows how to care for skin.  Previously owning the highly-regarded skincare business “Nest” located in Ventura, Patrice stresses both professional and home care to keep skin looking and feeling its best.  With her creative diligent direction, Patrice is now collaborating with Hair Free Forever.

Since 1981 she has offered the highest level of consumer satisfaction and skin care standards for her clientele.  Each guest is treated with respect to his/her individual skin care concerns and the ultimate goal of finding the treatments that are right for their skin.  With her expertise in anti-aging, acne and product education, Patrice devises a personal therapy program for her clients with medical grade products and her state-of-the-art treatments.

Patrice’s mission is to continue to give her clients an enjoyable experience during treatments with the calming serenity of scent and sound, so that when you leave you are completely relaxed and satisfied.  Come in for a complementary consultation so you can begin and start to experience the therapies and treatments which will balance and enhance your mind, body and soul.  You will look as good as you feel.

Her passion for skin care and commitment to her clients’ needs has resulted in a professional nurturing service where you receive customize treatments that provide visible results based on your goals.


More about Cheryl Conway

CHERYL CONWAY, A CALIFORNIA STATE LICENSED ELECTROLOGIST, has been doing the Thermolysis procedure for permanent hair removal for more than 15 years. She studied and practiced in Philadelphia, PA working with institutions such as The University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital. Cheryl relocated to California started her practice in 1998. She has worked closely with local physicians and estheticians.

IRENE VAGI, of Ventura CA, has successfully completed the training and passed the licensure examination from the State Board of Cosmetology to become the very first apprentice of Electrology in the state of California.

Established by local Electrologist, Cheryl Conway, with the support of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Department of Education, the program teaches students the highly specialized procedure of Thermolysis for permanent hair removal.

“I also learned as an apprentice, more than 15 years ago, and find it an exceptional way to achieve the skills needed to perform the technique. An apprenticeship program provides the student with personalized attention they may not otherwise receive, and allows them to develop at an accelerated pace.”

The Thermolysis procedure offers the patient FDA approved, medically proven, safe and effective, permanent removal of unwanted hair.

“While some patients seek our services for purely cosmetic reasons, we receive many referrals from Dermatologists, to treat severe cases of infected hair follicles and also from Endocrinologists, for conditions that cause symptoms of hirsutism.  This procedure provides a vital opportunity to students who want to pursue a career in this field, to help those afflicted with the serious, and embarrassing problem of excess hair growth.”

Yet, there are not enough qualified practitioners to accommodate patients seeking treatment options. The shortage of schools combined with the dwindling number of students is part of the problem. Apprenticeship is one way to generate more education and experience for the student and promote a renewed interest in the profession of Electrolysis.


Cheryl has advanced training and years of experience with Thermolysis. Understanding growth cycles of hair and pre-treatment preparation are key elements for permanent results. She maintains strict sanitation and sterilization of instruments and environment. Cheryl also gives each patient her complete attention during the treatment session. I myself have had permanent hair removal with Thermolysis along with many of my staff and patients. Martha Gonzalez, M.D., M.P.H.