Effortless Eyebrows


Celebrity make-up artist Veronica Lopez, who recently did Britney Spears comeback appearance, has had Permanent Hair Removal, with the Thermolysis procedure from Cheryl Conway. She loves the results, especially on the eyebrows. Veronica, a stunning Latina beauty has flawless eyebrows that are completely maintenance free. She never has to tweeze or wax because the hair never grows back! “It takes much less time to prepare for make-up application when you don’t have to groom the eyebrows first. Once the shape is set you know your brows will always look their best.”

In today’s fast paced world, consumers consider their time precious and are extremely hard working. They want services that are simple and convenient, that really work and make a difference in their skin. They also have safety concerns and pay more attention to preserving their health and wellness.

Thermolysis is an alternative technology that gives visible results. Completely safe and totally effective, it is doctor recommended and FDA approved to be 100% permanent for the removal of unwanted hair.

Lopez says not having to spend time on hair removal allows her to concentrate on the artistry of the make-up. “When the eyebrows are in balance, it brings harmony to the face. Instead of covering mistakes or making corrections, I can enhance with make-up or create a completely new look.”

The accuracy that can be achieved with Thermolysis makes it the best choice for shaping eyebrows, but it can also be used on any area of the face or body. It is safe and effective on any color of skin and hair, and can be used on skin that has been tanned. Self-tanners may also be used before and after treatment without any complications. The procedure is safe to use on any type of skin, dry or oily, sensitive, and even acne prone skin. It is effective on any hair type, including straight, wavy, and curly as well. Thermolysis is far superior to any other hair removal method available today.



Cheryl has advanced training and years of experience with Thermolysis. Understanding growth cycles of hair and pre-treatment preparation are key elements for permanent results. She maintains strict sanitation and sterilization of instruments and environment. Cheryl also gives each patient her complete attention during the treatment session. I myself have had permanent hair removal with Thermolysis along with many of my staff and patients. Martha Gonzalez, M.D., M.P.H.