Emla Topical Anesthetic Cream

Emla is a prescription medication applied to normal, unbroken skin to prevent pain before minor skin procedures. It will not completely numb the skin, as would an injection, but will substantially decrease the sensation the patient will feel during treatment.

As with any prescription medication, Emla comes with a patient information leaflet. Read the directions for use, and ask your Doctor or Pharmacist any questions you may have about interactions with other medications or herbal products you are using.

The cream must be applied to clean skin and be sure to wash you hands thoroughly before and after use.

Generally, Emla is applied approximately one hour before skin procedures, and should be occluded for optimum results. You can use an airtight covering such as plastic or cling wrap that will also prevent the medication from rubbing off on clothing.

Do not use Emla if you are pregnant or lactating, as it is unknown if the drug passes into breast milk. Allergic reaction to the drug is rare, but seek medical attention if you have any symptoms such as rash, severe dizziness, or trouble breathing.

You will need a prescription from your Doctor, but in most cases an office visit is not required. It may also be covered by some health insurance.


Cheryl has advanced training and years of experience with Thermolysis. Understanding growth cycles of hair and pre-treatment preparation are key elements for permanent results. She maintains strict sanitation and sterilization of instruments and environment. Cheryl also gives each patient her complete attention during the treatment session. I myself have had permanent hair removal with Thermolysis along with many of my staff and patients. Martha Gonzalez, M.D., M.P.H.