Moms and Kids

Robin & Courtney Freeman

My daughter Courtney had her first appointments to attack the course hair on her stomach area that were visible when she wore a two-piece bathing suit. We decided after cleaning up my brows, after years of plucking to permanently shape her brows too. Her brows are beautiful thanks to Hair Free Forever.

Robin & Courtney Freeman









Sara & Theresa

I have been living with PCOS for over 15 years. It was a daily battle for me & affected many more aspects of my life than I ever realized. One of the most painful was traveling. It was difficult to travel with friends & family, for fear that they would discover what I spent almost an hour a day hiding, what with the tweezing & shaving. In April my mom & I went to Oahu to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was the first time EVER that I have not had to bring all of my “tools”! No magnified mirror, no tweezers. Just a razor…for my legs! I sat on the beach in my bathing suit & didn’t worry about how close the next person was to me because now my skin is clear!
I have been going to Hair Free Forever since October 2009. This process has been so life changing for me, my mom goes now too! I now wear clothes I was never comfortable in. I wear my hair up. I have a newfound confidence to show my skin!

Thank you so much!

Sara & Mom

Mindy & Ella

My daughter Ella and I have almost completed treatment on our eyebrows. We are thrilled with the results. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I am so glad that I can do this for my daughter. She will be spared from years of over plucking and waxing. Cheryl has done a fantastic job on both of us. She has a great eye for brows!

Mindy & Ella

Mary Lou Clapperton

My family and I have found your method of hair removal to be safe, relatively pain-free and long lasting. Having this procedure done has saved me a great deal of time that I used to spend daily in tweezing, plucking and scrutinizing in a magnifying mirror. The office staff is friendly and professional.

Mary Lou Clapperton

Elizabeth Reynolds

I first started going to Cheryl at Hair Free Forever years ago to address my eyebrows. I would spend at least fifteen minutes a day (no exaggeration!) trying to keep them under control. There were always those short ones I couldn’t grab with tweezers…Plus, I needed help with shaping and design. Cheryl helped me through and now I spend zero time on my eyebrows; no waxing, no tweezing. My brows have been hair free forever! Then along came hormonal changes that left me with hair on my upper lip and chin! Back to Cheryl and in no time, that is in my past. Now when I see girlfriends with whiskers – I suggest they get to Cheryl – fast. Sometimes we ladies don’t catch those whiskers and they get longer and longer – yikes! When my daughter started complaining about her unruly brows, I owed it to her to take her right to Hair Free Forever – after all, I figured she inherited them from me, it was the least I could do! Not only do you end up without that unwanted hair, you are given back hours and hours of your time and energy from not having to tweeze and money from not having to wax! You can see from our picture we are very happy with the results.

Thank you Cheryl and your GREAT team at Hair Free Forever!

Elizabeth Reynolds

Keila & Aexis

Hi Cheryl,
Here is a picture of my daughter Alexis and I at last year’s Mother/Daughter tea party.
I had my eyebrows done about 5 years ago and now that my little girl is growing up, I wouldn’t trust her eyebrows to anyone but you =)

Thank you,

Joyce Lane & Bea Stiles

My name is Joyce and my mother, Bea, and I recently had our first session at Hair Free Forever. Both of us wanted to have the upper lip and chin areas worked on.
My first impression was that the site itself was clean and inviting but I was especially impressed with Vanessa, who is extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions. She made us feel very comfortable about doing the treatments especially when I was apprehensive about the use of the probe. I have a phobia of needles but she reassured me that it is basically pain free.
First my mom had her session done and again Vanessa was very competent in making sure that her client was as comfortable as possible and explained what she was doing as she went along. Vanessa’s caring attitude along with her expertise made Mom’s session a very positive experience and reassured me.
Next it was my turn, and it’s true that there is very little discomfort, no more than I have experienced with tweezing. While mom experienced some itching for a short time after her session, I had hardly any adverse reaction and only for a very short duration. Afterwards, we went shopping and to lunch and kept checking each other to see if there was any redness or reaction but in less than half and hour, even the little bit of redness was gone.
We are going to continue treatments and have decided to include the eyebrows as well. The main reason we both decided to pursue this course of treatment was because it is always a hassle when you go away from home to manage tweezing. How nice it will be to go on trips and not have this concern anymore.

Joyce Lane
Bea Stiles

Ila & Carolyn

Cheryl has done an amazing job reshaping my daughter’s eyebrows. After my daughter had been tweezing them herself for over a year, they were a mess! They were misshaped and too thin. Looking at her school picture from last year really made me realize how important it is to have properly shaped eyebrows. In addition to the reshaping, my daughter no longer has to pluck her brow and lip. We tried waxing but that was too painful and irritating to her skin and had to be done repeatedly! Cheryl’s process is so worth it because it is permanent!

Thanks Cheryl!
Ila & Carolyn


Cheryl has advanced training and years of experience with Thermolysis. Understanding growth cycles of hair and pre-treatment preparation are key elements for permanent results. She maintains strict sanitation and sterilization of instruments and environment. Cheryl also gives each patient her complete attention during the treatment session. I myself have had permanent hair removal with Thermolysis along with many of my staff and patients. Martha Gonzalez, M.D., M.P.H.