More about Cheryl Conway

CHERYL CONWAY, A CALIFORNIA STATE LICENSED ELECTROLOGIST, has been doing the Thermolysis procedure for permanent hair removal for more than 15 years. She studied and practiced in Philadelphia, PA working with institutions such as The University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital. Cheryl relocated to California started her practice in 1998. She has worked closely with local physicians and estheticians.

IRENE VAGI, of Ventura CA, has successfully completed the training and passed the licensure examination from the State Board of Cosmetology to become the very first apprentice of Electrology in the state of California.

Established by local Electrologist, Cheryl Conway, with the support of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Department of Education, the program teaches students the highly specialized procedure of Thermolysis for permanent hair removal.

“I also learned as an apprentice, more than 15 years ago, and find it an exceptional way to achieve the skills needed to perform the technique. An apprenticeship program provides the student with personalized attention they may not otherwise receive, and allows them to develop at an accelerated pace.”

The Thermolysis procedure offers the patient FDA approved, medically proven, safe and effective, permanent removal of unwanted hair.

“While some patients seek our services for purely cosmetic reasons, we receive many referrals from Dermatologists, to treat severe cases of infected hair follicles and also from Endocrinologists, for conditions that cause symptoms of hirsutism.  This procedure provides a vital opportunity to students who want to pursue a career in this field, to help those afflicted with the serious, and embarrassing problem of excess hair growth.”

Yet, there are not enough qualified practitioners to accommodate patients seeking treatment options. The shortage of schools combined with the dwindling number of students is part of the problem. Apprenticeship is one way to generate more education and experience for the student and promote a renewed interest in the profession of Electrolysis.


Cheryl has advanced training and years of experience with Thermolysis. Understanding growth cycles of hair and pre-treatment preparation are key elements for permanent results. She maintains strict sanitation and sterilization of instruments and environment. Cheryl also gives each patient her complete attention during the treatment session. I myself have had permanent hair removal with Thermolysis along with many of my staff and patients. Martha Gonzalez, M.D., M.P.H.