As some of you already know I'm kind of an eyebrow freak. Yes, I am obsessed, but there's good reason. Eyebrows are really important! So when a patient needs a shape correction it can be limiting for us when there's not enough hair to make the best shape for the individual. We can only take the hair out; we can't put it in, so that's when we turn to make-up. There are many options when it comes to make-up for the eyebrows, as we have discussed in the past, but an alternative to daily make-up application is cosmetic tattoo, or permanent make-up.

For some women, permanent make-up can be as much a relief as permanent hair removal, as it saves time and effort by eliminating the need for constant upkeep. Purchasing supplies such as products and tools and having the knowledge to maintain accuracy with color and design are also important elements that are no longer needed when finding a permanent solution. Most women wish they were more skilled at applying their own make-up, so seeking an expert opinion about what is best for your unique skin type, coloring and personality will help you feel confident and look truly amazing.

As with any cosmetic treatment you should do plenty of research to find the best technician to perform the service. Referrals are the best reference, along with experience and a comprehensive portfolio. A consultation is the time to get as much information as possible so you can feel comfortable making an educated decision about the procedure.

Everyone is different, so if you prefer a more natural and subtle look, or a bold and dramatic look, it can be achieved with permanent make-up, permanent hair removal, and ultimately a combination of both.

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Best in health,
Cheryl Conway