Vanessa Coronado

Vanessa was born and lives locally in Oxnard CA, graduated from Channel Islands High School, attended Oxnard College, and the University of California at Berkeley. During her time in school she had the opportunity to study abroad and has traveled extensively to Asia, Europe and South America.

Vanessa first came to Hair Free Forever seeking treatment for her own hair problem then found out about the Apprenticeship program;

“I was always interested in learning how the procedure worked because the treatments I received really changed my life.”

She was accepted as an apprentice and completed extensive training under the direct supervision of accredited master educator and pioneer of the California Apprenticeship for Thermolysis; Cheryl Conway, owner of Hair Free Forever, who comments;

“Vanessa is a pleasure to work with, a diligent student and is highly qualified as a licensed technician.”

Vanessa’s warm personality and technical acumen speak for themselves, but she also infuses her work with something extra we have grown to appreciate so much; inspired by her love of travel, continued desire for information, and compassionate efforts to help others, Vanessa continues to extend her knowledge and expertise to educate people about the benefits of Thermolysis.

Vanessa is truly an exceptional member of our team!


Cheryl has advanced training and years of experience with Thermolysis. Understanding growth cycles of hair and pre-treatment preparation are key elements for permanent results. She maintains strict sanitation and sterilization of instruments and environment. Cheryl also gives each patient her complete attention during the treatment session. I myself have had permanent hair removal with Thermolysis along with many of my staff and patients. Martha Gonzalez, M.D., M.P.H.