Client Testimonials

Amanda M.

I am a big fan of Living Social & Groupon vouchers… this is exactly how I came across HFF.  Cheryl has done a wonderful job on my brows.  It is a little difficult to keep myself from tweezing, but Cheryl assured me it’s worth it in the end.  She was right, I am so happy I let my eyebrows fill in.  I would recommend HFF to anyone wanting permanent hair removal.

-Amanda M.

Oxnard CA

Lauren W.

I am in the process of getting my underarms done and am very pleased with the process so far.  Veronica is great – she is professional and friendly and works quickly, always making me feel at ease and taking my mind off of what’s going on.  This place is a good find!

-Lauren W.

Ventura, CA

Susan P.

These ladies are the best at their work!  Vanessa did my upper lip and 3 months later after treatments, still no hair!  She is very nice and speedy at the process.  What I really like is that they GIVE you stuff to help your skin heal for FREE as part of the treatment.  Most other places will charge you for anything that you will take home, but they don’t!

-Susan P.

Ojai, CA

Kay D.

I tried this place out with a Living Social coupon, and must say I was pleasantly surprised!  In my never ending quest to remove hair from my person, Hair Free Forever is getting it done.  I’ve done a little bit of laser hair removal, but the Thermolysis method they use here is far superior, both in price and effectiveness.  This process takes longer, but it is worth it.  You pay by time, not by treatment, which is nice.

The ladies that work here are super nice, super friendly, and super professional.  I’m used to places like this being snooty and whatnot, but everyone here is down-to-earth.  I’ve used up my Groupon, but intend to return for more!

-Kay D.

Orange, CA

Sarah Huber

I Love Hair Free Forever.  I love the Thermolysis process.   I cannot say it in any other terms!


I have PCOS, and as anybody even remotely familiar with this condition knows it is a major inconvenience, not only in time, but confidence & health.  Since going to HFF, my life has been changed, utterly & completely.   I no longer spend a minimum of 1 hour in front of a mirror every night tweezing, I no long have horrible marks on my skin from tweezing & shaving, along with the subsequent break outs & rashes.  I no longer have to shave parts of my body that a woman is not supposed to have to shave.  I can hold my head up, show my face, reveal my neck, collarbone & yes…some cleavage!  I can take a trip with friends & not have to hide out in the bathroom once everybody is asleep, plucking & tweezing away.   My skin is clear and soft.    I get compliments on it, something that I NEVER would have imagined. I no longer have to wear only high necked shirts.  I hold my head up, I no longer hide… is empowering to not be hiding all the time in one’s own skin, to not be constantly picking at your cloths to make sure everything is hidden, to not let my secret out.


This is not a cheap treatment.   It is not a completely comfortable experience either, and depending on the body part, can take a while.   BUT…..all of this is explained in detail when you get your consultation.   I think the major key to Thermolysis is PATIENCE!   Hair grows in cycles, some of it is dormant, and there are areas of the body that may take up to a year for everything to “pop” out.   But again, this is all explained in the consultation, Cheryl and her technician Vanessa are nothing if not upfront with their customers about what is entailed and how the body grows hair & how they plan to get rid of it!


Thermolysis & HFF have been life savers for me, and an investment in myself that I will never regret.   An hour a week is so much better than an hour a night.   A little zap is so worth not having that hair come back.     Cheryl & Vanessa are wonderful; they are warm, friendly & always willing to answer any question I may have, that is why I have recommended my mother & a few friends, all of which have had the same experience. I always leave Hair Free Forever with a smile on my face!

Thank you so very much Cheryl & Vanessa!

-Sarah Huber

Ventura, CA

Elaina Fletcher

Just wanted to express how much I love the fabulous results I’ve gotten at Hair Free Forever! From the very first session—what a difference!

I’d thought I’d tried everything, nothing worked! The dark, thick facial hair that seemed to grow exponentially after menopause was not what I considered normal, but did seem common in my family.

Now after three weekly sessions, it’s like I’d never had a problem. I found the owner and staff to be so helpful and they really educated me.

I won’t hesitate to get in and get those stiff white ones that grow once in a blue moon on my chin done too. Once they start growing, I know that’s when the process works to get rid of them forever. Once they explained growing cycles and how the process works, I know I will be free of razors, tweezers, bleaches, waxes and other painful and icky procedures, I can’t recommend them enough. Kind, caring and sensitive to client’s needs, you really can’t do better than Hair Free Forever!

-Elaina Fletcher

Ventura, CA

Alicia Hoskins

At first I was skeptical of results for the money and whether there would be pain, but I made my first appointment with Cheryl at Hair Free Forever.  Soooo glad I did.

I started by having my eyebrows expertly shaped… never have to tweeze again. I was so happy with the results, and because we are avid boaters, I then had my underarms and bikini line done.  No more shaving or waxing, and NO RED BUMPS! I’m in my late forties and my skin throughout it all, has remained smooth and problem free. Recently I’ve started to notice facial hair on my upper lip, and she is helping me eliminate those now.

I have saved time and money over the years because I no longer have the upkeep, whereas I was spending a fortune on waxing.   Cheryl is extremely professional and works closely with physicians and aestheticians in the area. I love that I can have Saturday and evening appointments to accommodate my work schedule.

If you are ever bothered by unwanted hair, and you want to live maintenance free without a lifetime of shaving, or waxing, I cannot recommend Hair Free Forever enough. It can truly be life changing.

-Alicia Hoskins

Oxnard, CA

Carol Olsen

I have been to many day spas, but this one is right up there tops on my list.  I am extremely happy with the eyebrow shaping and hair removal I purchased from Cheryl. The results were great at a very good price.  I found her and her staff to be very professional and will definitely use them again.

-Carol Olsen

Woodland Hill, CA

Lissette Davis

I go to Vanessa for my hair removal and she is fantastic!  I am very happy with my treatment and quite honestly regard it as a godsend. No more shaving, razor rashes, scarring from shaving accidents, and the hassle of shaving daily, bleaching, waxing, etc.  My skin not only feels better for it, but looks a million times better sans hair, and that is a great confidence booster.  Based on my experience with Vanessa I would highly recommend HFF!

-Lissette Davis

Ventura, CA

Cheri Beverly

I love Hair Free Forever!  I went to Cheryl for my Eye Brows and she shaped them so beautifully!  No more plucking!  Also, I started getting facial hair and I went to Vanessa, as Cheryl was already booked at the time, I wanted to come in and Vanessa was great also.  I love them both!!

-Cheri Beverly

Ventura, CA


Cheryl has advanced training and years of experience with Thermolysis. Understanding growth cycles of hair and pre-treatment preparation are key elements for permanent results. She maintains strict sanitation and sterilization of instruments and environment. Cheryl also gives each patient her complete attention during the treatment session. I myself have had permanent hair removal with Thermolysis along with many of my staff and patients. Martha Gonzalez, M.D., M.P.H.